5 Awesome Tips to Remove Blackheads

Before taking a closer look into the ways to get rid of blackheads, you should also understand how a blackhead is formed. Our skin comprises of millions of tiny pores which allow serum to be produced underneath the skin to flow out. If skin pores are blocked and moisture in the air reaches the clogged pores, the serum gets oxidized. This is when a blackhead is formed. Removing blackheads is not as hard as you thought. Read on to find out how.

Step 1: Wait until blackhead is ripen:

Be patient and wait until the blackhead becomes juicy and ripen before extracting. Otherwise, bacteria, dead skin and oil can travel further down via the pores to inner part of the skin. This may worsen your skin condition by causing infection and leave scars.

Step 2: Get all the tools ready:

When you notice a juicy and ripe blackhead, you can get the tools ready. Tools that are needed include a piece of clean rag, a sewing needle, some facial cotton, some hot water and alcohol. You will need more facial cotton if you are having a big, fat blackhead.

Step 3: Clean your hands and steam the face:

Before extracting the blackhead, cleaning your hands and areas surrounding the blackhead is a must. After cleaning, dip the rag into the hot water and press it gently against the blackhead. This will loosen the skin pores. It is even better to use a facial steamer if you have one.

Step 4: Getting started:

Sterilize the sewing needle with alcohol. After that, use it to prick the tip of the blackhead. Squeeze the blackhead slowly using two pieces of cottons from both of its sides until clear liquid/blood comes out.

Step 5: Cleaning up:

Pour some alcohol on facial cotton and wipe around the area to prevent infection.

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