Is Acne Taking Over Your Life? There Are 9 Things You Can Do to Take it Back

For as long as acne has been afflicting humankind there has been no permanent breakthrough in the search for one solution. Fighting acne and keeping it under control has become all-consuming for some. There are certain things you can do that have shown to help get rid of acne as well as prevent the onset of the condition. In this article I will touch on 9 things that may be done together, or individually, to help in the ongoing battle against pimples.

What is it about zits that cause all the anguish and embarrassment? After all they are not really that big individually. It’s when there is a significant breakout that the real problems start.

Just about anyone can manage the occasional pimple, but when dozens appear all at once then all hell breaks loose. First of all the darn things are painful. Secondly they make your skin look simply awful.

Many sufferers go to extreme measures to get rid of the problem. Unfortunately, some of these actions do more harm than good.

Below are some things to consider that have shown to be highly effective without all the harsh chemicals.

1.  Wash Your Face

Wash your face at least two times daily. More if you wish. The trick is using a solution tailor-made for your skin type. In this you may have to experiment with several products before you hit on the one that works best for you. Don’t over do it. Try a product and give it ample time to work. Above all I highly recommend you don’t mix and match!

2. Don't Overdo It

If you have a job, hobby, or avocation that causes you to sweat a lot make sure you shower afterwards.

3. Moisturize the skin

Moisturize the skin even if it is oily. This is important so do not overlook it. There are several products available that are hypoallergenic, Ph balanced, and non-commutogenic (this means there is no animal testing involved).

4. Fruit Acids

Nature has provided us with a variety of excellent exfoliates. Try using a product containing natural fruit acids. Keep in mind when trying these that results won’t be quick. Give yourself up to a month to see and feel appreciable results. Stick with it and I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

5. Wearing Ample Clothing

We expose our skin regularly to the harmful effects of our environment. You can offer it some protection by wearing ample clothing in the winter and taking advantage of UV protectants during the summer months.

6. Wash Your Noggin

Were you aware that zits can form on your head? To aid in the battle against these simply wash your noggin everyday. Yes, ladies with long, full heads of hair I am aware of just how much of a hassle it is for some of you, but consider the alternatives if you don’t? Guys, most of you are likely to shampoo daily (at least I would like to think so) but pay heed to the product you are using. Pick a product that cleans but doesn’t strip away the protective layer of the skin. Again look for something Ph balanced, hypoallergenic, and not animal tested.

7. Drink More 

Water, water everywhere. Drink it. Drink copious amounts each and every day. Aside from the good it does for your epidermis it also keeps the inner workings running smoothly as well. By the way, soda and flavored drinks won’t cut it.

8. Consume Fresh Fruits

Eat lots and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. If the thought of eating all that gives you pause then consider ingesting them in a liquid form. There are products ready made that you pop the top, guzzle it down and get the good stuff you need. Another thought is get a juicer and have fun experimenting with it. It is one way you can make you own concoctions and keep from getting bored drinking the same thing day in and day out. Along with all those good fruits and veggies take a good multivitamin as well.

9. Meet a Doctor

 Lastly, if the problem becomes severe and nothing you try seems to be working then schedule an appointment to see your doctor or a dermatologist.

Effective acne treatment requires effort. Washing you head and body daily, using exfoliates to remove excess skin cells, dressing appropriately, eating right, and seeing a doctor as a last resort are tools in your arsenal to get rid of pimples. Use one or use them all, but above all use something to aid you in removing and preventing zits.

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