Here! The Fastest way to get rid of a pimple

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Imagine yourself waking up one morning, looking at the mirror and then discovering that a huge pimple popped up on your nose. And the catch is: you are expecting a date within the week. For most women, this can really be alarming. Some may actually turn in panic if they are just a few days from a big date, and they need to deal with a huge pimple.

In effect, this affects their self-esteem, and may end up cancelling the date. However, you still need to know the fastest way to get rid of a pimple. Based on scientific studies, natural remedies are still the best to do to get rid of pimples and blackheads. Aside from the fact that they are cheap, they are also generally effective without major side effects. If you want to be practical, natural remedies may also work for you.

First, you need to make your own natural cleanser. You just have to mix two tablespoons of honey with two teaspoons of milk. Apply the mixture to face and neck. Leave it for about ten minutes, and then rinse with warm water. This can also be used as a mask, and this does not dry your skin unlike those cleansers you buy in the market today. Meanwhile, you need to open your pores from time to time to allow oil substances to be drawn out of the skin.

With this, you need a face cloth that should be soaked in hot water. Just put the cloth on your face until your face warms. Some people also use shaving cream that can dry out the face. Put this the whole night, and rinse the next morning. This can help in removing the pimple absolutely.

You may also opt to use a combination of aloe vera and honey to be applied on your face. The mixture should be used regularly to have a smooth and tender skin. Believe it or not, drinking lots of water can help in maintaining a healthy young skin. It helps out in flushing out toxins from your skin, thus helps in getting rid of pimples and acne. With these, there is no need to consult a dermatologist and pay some bucks just to improve your skin or get rid of a pimple. There is no need to worry as you can always solve simple skin problems on your own without having to spend too much.

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