Top 3 Common Causes of Cystic Acne

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Cysts acne is not a fun thing at all. You show up to your favorite place, wearing your favorite outfit, only to have everyone in the room stare at your face. Why aren’t they looking at your gorgeous shoes and outfit? It’s because you have a pizza face. Sorry, but someone had to say it.

You need to get your cystic acne under control and quick.

What causes cystic acne anyway?
That is a great question. But there is no straight forward answer to that, it is much more to it than you might think. Below I explain the most common cystic acne causes, because those are the one that do the trouble. When you address those causes, you will be well on your way to eliminate cystic acne big time!

Here are top 3 cystic acne causes below:

It can be caused by many things, but usually it’s just a genetics thing. You can also have worse acne during your teen years as your hormones are all over the place. When you go through puberty, your skin can erupt into cystic acne without doing anything more to make it happen. It’s just in the hormones. You should try to eat more natural foods like vegetables, fruits and high quality filtered water. Exercising will also help get the extra oils and toxins out of your skin.


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Like you aren’t under enough stress already with your cystic acne, but stress itself can actually make you have worse break outs. So try not to stress out too much. It will all be taken care of with time. Why stress causes a change to our bodies isn’t completely understood by doctors, but it has something to do with affecting your internal system due to an extra load the stress puts on it. Stress has been connected with cystic acne for a while. Try to keep your stress levels lower by going to a calming place that you love, and breathing deeply for a few minutes.

Junk Food
Yup! I guess you didn’t think of that one yet, right? But poor quality junk foods with greasy oils do havoc on your face. When it comes to finding out what causes cystic acne, look no further than the fridge. Try to always eat the purist foods you can. Stay away from the pizza, candy, cookies, and donuts. They won’t do you any good at all.

Acne can do a real doozy on your social life too. But the great news is that once you get to the root of what causes cystic acne, you can get to treating it, and getting rid of it for good. It is treatable. You won’t have to hide anymore!

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