Cure Your Pimple Fast – Discover 7 Secret Pimple Treatments That Work

If you have severe cystic Pimple or Pimple that occurs as a complication of psoriasis, the best place to find Pimple treatments that work is probably your dermatologist’s office. But if you are among the 99 per cent of Pimple sufferers who have other forms of the disease, the effective Pimple treatments are things you can do at home. Here are the seven best.

Secret Pimple Treatment #1. Wash less.

As hard as it may be to believe, most people who have Pimple wash their skin too much and wash their skin in the wrong way. Pimple is not a disease that is caused by too much oil in the skin. It is a disease caused by too many bacteria that survive by feeding on that oil getting trapped in pores. Washing does not solve the underlying problem. It relieves the symptoms.

Too much washing can remove so much oil that the skin gets tight. That means the pores that are still filled with old oil, Pimple bacteria, and pus cannot open and heal. Washing with hot water dries out the skin. That is not a good thing. Dry skin flakes. The flakes can seal pores, trapping Pimple bacteria in skin. And rubbing your face with a towel is not good for Pimple-affected skin, either. Rubbing the skin can lodge flakes of skin over pores, trapping the bacteria inside, creating new whiteheads and blackheads. Pat your skin dry. Don’t rub.

Secret Pimple Treatment #2. Use vitamin A in you, not on you.

The mainstays of medical treatment for Pimple are two relatively toxic compounds that are basically supercharged formulations of vitamin A, Accutane and Retin-A. These treatments are absolutely wonderful if you have cystic Pimple, but their benefits come at a considerable cost. The vitamin A analogs in the medications make skin cells “differentiate” into their mature forms as part of the healing process. They can also cause cells to differentiate into the wrong form at the wrong time, so Accutane and Retin-A absolutely cannot be taken by any woman who might become pregnant, and they can even cause, ironically, skin inflammation in everybody else.

That is why it is better to eat your vitamin A and let your body release just the right amount to your skin. You can get your vitamin A straight, from a food you don’t see very often outside of Norway, cod liver oil (available in cherry and strawberry flavors, drunk from a shot glass), or you can eat vegetables and fruits that have lots of beta-carotene. Your body transforms the beta-carotene into vitamin A in the amounts your skin needs. But if you have really severe Pimple, Accutane and Retin-A are a better choice.

Secret Pimple Treatment #3. Consider tea tree oil.

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If you have Pimple, you have probably heard of a chemical called benzoyl peroxide. Don’t let people tell you it doesn’t work at all. It does. It really does kill the Pimple bacterium Propionibacterium Pimples. The problem is, it doesn’t kill staph bacteria, too. That is what makes tea tree oil a superior choice. Tea tree oil in Pimple serums and Pimple soaps not only kills Propionibacterium Pimples every bit as well as benzoyl peroxide, it also keeps the nasty staph bacteria in check so you don’t wind up with a skin condition that can be even worse than Pimple!

Secret Pimple Treatment #4. Add some fat to your diet.

Did you know that eating chocolate or French fries or other fatty foods isn’t exactly what causes Pimple? Although there are plenty of reasons you should not indulge in a regular diet of French fries, Kentucky fried chicken, and chocolate fudge sundaes, these foods do not trigger Pimple flares.

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The problem that aggravates Pimple is inflammation. The hormones that cause inflammation get out of control when (1) the diet contains too much sugar and (2) the n-6 fatty acids (the fat you get from French fries, also the fat in just about any kind of processed food) exceed the n-3 fatty acids (the kinds of fat you get in olive oil, almond oil, cold-water fish, and, yes, cocoa). Your body needs both kinds of fatty acid. Problems arise when there is too much sugar in the diet and an imbalance of the fats. The solution is either to take that shot glass of cod liver oil every morning, or to take a fish oil supplement, or at least to reduce processed foods and increase your intake of nuts (yes, nuts), seeds, and olive oil. A little bit, however, is enough. You don’t need to get the equivalent of more than about 100 calories a day in healthy fats. And that leads us to the next Pimple secret,

Secret Pimple Treatment # 5. Cut out the sugar.

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White sugar isn’t poisonous, but it’s also not a food our bodies need. When we consume too much sugar our bodies make an excess of inflammatory hormones. Just how much is too much is a subject for debate, but for sure anything more than about 100 calories a day, or the equivalent of a can, not bottle, of soda, is too much. No sugar at all is best. If you are diabetic, you will observe dramatic changes in Pimple for the better when you get blood sugars under control.

Secret Pimple Treatment #6. Drink more water.

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There is scientific evidence that drinking water helps hydrate the skin. Why hydrate? When there is fluid in the skin keeps it plump and supple. Soft, supple skin lets pores open up and stay open. The scientific evidence is that the absolute, rock bottom minimum amount of water you should drink every day is about 5 cups (1.2 L) rather than the more commonly recommended 8 glasses, but if you get 8 full glasses of water every day, you will certainly get enough water to help keep your skin supple and pores open.

And finally, here’s an Pimple secret most of us overlook.

Secret Pimple Treatment #7. Get enough sun, but not too much.

There used be an idea that people with Pimple should lie around in the sun to “dry” out the skin. Drying out the skin is destructive. You don’t need to dry the skin. You need to hydrate it!

Getting at least 20 minutes of sun every day, however, helps your skin make vitamin D. Interestingly, vitamin D fights skin cancer in addition to reducing inflammation. A little bit of sun every day helps keep your skin clearer and cancer-free. Just be sure your sunblock is not oil-based.

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