Easy! 3 Tips to Prevent Adult Pimple

Pimple can be prevented in several ways. Whether an adult or in puberty stage, one has to be disciplined in taking good care of the skin. Before anything else, proper hygiene must be observed at all times. Taking a shower at least twice a day is imperative. This will enable to wash away all excess oils and other impurities that may eventually become Pimple. This will also get rid of skin irritations. For more advanced adult Pimple prevention, here are some steps that can be followed.
1. Lemon Juice
* The use of lemon juice is a good way to prevent Pimple. Lemon juice is known to be a natural astringent and has anti bacterial composition. Extract the juice of one fresh lemon. Use the lemon juice as a substitute to your astringent. Apply it all over the face gently and in a circular motion. If the initial application stings, you may dilute it with rose water. Rose water is made from crushed rose petals and mixed with water. Not only will it neutralize the sting from the lemon juice, it also can help in getting rid of Pimple because of natural anti bacterial property. Leave the mixture on face for approximately fifteen minutes before rinsing with cold water. Perform this regimen once in the morning and once before hitting the sack.
3. Washing Face

* Washing the face twice a day is also a good thing to do for Pimple prevention. Washing the face with a mild soap will wash away excess oil. Remember that too much oil build up may result to skin infection such as pimples or even Pimple in an advanced state. It is also important to note that washing the face too often is also not advisable as it may dry the skin up.

* One can also invest in a hypoallergenic toner with a 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide content. Benzoyl Peroxide is anti bacterial in nature and can effectively treat and prevent Pimple build up. Avoid toners or astringents with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide content as it may be too harsh for the skin. Too much Benzoyl Peroxide may cause skin redness and irritation.
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