Top 3 Acne Laser Treatments You Should Give a Try

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Generally, acne laser treatment is the use of heat on the prime layers of the color of the skin around and through the acne injury, helping to kill the bacteria causing the skin problem. Acne laser treatment also helps in reducing the redness. This means that the visual appeal of scarring is reduced as the prime layers of the skin have been modified. In most cases, the acne laser treatment lasts for about 12 weeks, and the simultaneous reduction existing acne and of scars makes this new treatment option a good one.

Types of Acne Laser Treatment

There are different types of acne laser treatment. This means that the one you go for will be determined by a lot of factors, making it necessary to always let the dermatologist guide you. These are the common types today:

Heat energy and pulsed light therapy
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It is believed that the combination of pulsed light and heat energy (a hot beam) can get rid of acne as it shrinks the sebaceous glands. The process helps to reduce the production of oil, but you may experience a mild, temporary redness of the area treated.

Diode laser therapy
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The sebum-producing glands of the dermis (the deep, vascular inner skin layer) can be destroyed by diode lasers. However, the lasers do not have any impact on the epidermis (the visible, outer layer). This therapy is generally painful, but the pain can be reduced through the use of analgesics. Some other side effects are swelling and/or temporary redness of the area treated.

Photopneumatic therapy
This is the acne laser treatment involves vacuum suction along with red and blue light therapy. The suction helps to remove the dead skin cells and oil which clog the sebaceous glands. Immediately after carrying out the suction, red and blue light therapy is used in destroying the P. acnes bacteria.

Photodynamic therapy
This is a combination therapy which involves light and topical medications. In the treatment, photosensitizing agents are applied to improve the effect of light on your skin. The colors of the light are either red or blue, with a pulsed format administration. The side effects of this acne laser treatment are swelling and redness. Another thing is that the skin may crust, while you may also experience acne breakouts.

Blue light therapy
This is a low-intensity, but strong therapy to destroy P. acnes. You will not experience pain with this therapy, but you should be prepared for multiple sessions as the P. acnes bacteria quickly multiply. As side effects, you may have temporary redness and dryness in the treated areas of your skin. Recent developments involve the use of blue light therapy with red light to improve the impact of the treatment.

Acne laser treatment is a new method in the skin care industry, and any of the ones mentioned above could give you good results. The treatment has been seen to be better than over-the-counter medications which do not give long-term results. Acne laser treatment makes you not to be one of those who have tried several products without being able to get rid of acne. Acne laser treatment definitely provides the solution.

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